Corporate Blogging: The Suited & Booted Guide

I was invited to speak about corporate blogging at ThinkVisibility: a one day web conference that took place in Leeds, UK in September 2009. My talk, The Suited & Booted Guide to Corporate Blogging, focused upon the reasons why so many business blogs, corporate blogs and CEO blogs are rubbish – and set out a manifesto for making them better.

Here are the slides from my talk, which I presented using Prezi (zooming presentation software). This is a simplified and abridged version of my talk, because I have removed a number of slides and because I’m not there talking over the top of it! However I have added some notes and my essential argument is extant. In a nutshell: you may have good reasons for having a business blog, but that doesn’t make your business blog good. I highlight some common pitfalls and propose some simple measures, considerations and ideas that should help turn those marketing theories into real-life business benefits.

[prezi width="600" height="400"][/prezi]

If you aim to improve your company’s online visibility and/or performance, and you can make it to the next ThinkVisibility conference, I recommend the trip. Just look at the feedback for the last one.

EDIT: For some reason the Prezi isn’t showing up in some readers. Clicky to view.

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